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What are the general implementation Steps?

  1. Roster Your Students, Teachers, and Administrators – Currently, we offer onboarding users using single sign-on with IMS Global OneRoster, ClassLink, Gmail, and WS Federation. Google Classroom and Clever Integrations are also coming soon.
  2. Locate Your Learner – We provide flexibility in your learners’ starting locations. Districts can use existing NWEA or other standardized test scores, create a quick diagnostic, allow for teacher input, or use an approximation based on grade level to provide the starting location for their users.
  3. Create or Access District Data Lake (Optional and at additional Costs) – Gooru can integrate with an already established district or school data lake or create one for you. This allows the raw data from a variety of 3rd party tools and apps to be gathered and analyzed in one tool, Mission Control. School districts can opt into this feature at no additional cost.
  4. Training Sessions – We recommend at least two training sessions per year to our districts. Our first training session will give teachers and administrators an overview and understanding of Navigator tools and how to use them. The second training happens two weeks later to address questions, concerns, and explore how to get the most out of Navigator. Please note that due to the current pandemic, all training sessions are remote and conducted over video chat.
  5. Customize Navigator Learning Maps – Math Navigator has a built-in scope and sequence that allows for Navigated Learning, but districts can choose to align our framework to their curriculum needs and standards. Districts can provide Gooru with their custom scope and sequence or choose from a publicly available option.