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What kind of reports will the client be able to see from the platform? And to what level and types of dashboard view will or should be given to them

Currently, the instructor has access to the following reports:

  1. Overview of performance vs progress of the class cohort
  2. Time-based progress report in terms of competencies gained, avg performance, time spent and day-wise portfolio report for each student in the class 
  3. Proficiency report for each student 
  4. Domain competency report for the class
  5. Aggregate performance and progress reports by milestone, lesson, collection, assessment and offline activities for the class
  6. Individual learner’s learning path and progress & performance reports for each milestone, lesson, collection and assessment in the student’s learning path
  7. Aggregate cohort report and individual participants reports for activities assigned in class


Administrators and other stakeholders have access to the following reports in Mission Control based on access permissions at various levels in the organization hierarchy

  1. Day-wise competency gains
  2. Month-wise performance & progress report 
  3. New users
  4. Month-wise average time spent and active user count 
  5. Class progress report


Soon, the following additional reports will be available to the administrators and other stakeholders

  1. Struggling competencies report at various levels in Mission control
  2. Domain competency report at class level for administrators in Mission control