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To what extent can we customize the rubrics and the parameters of the assessments? Eg-can we capture the process of students reading a text as a criterion to pass, selecting a particular image from a set, etc…

Gooru Navigator supports 9 different question types

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Answer
  • Drag & Drop Order
  • Highlight Text
  • True or False
  • Fill in the blank
  • Multiple Select – Image
  • Multiple Select – Text
  • Free Response Question (FRQ)

The questions can include math expressions and equations in the question and answer text. Images can be included in questions and also in the answer options depending on the question type.

Gooru Navigator also supports automatic evaluation of machine gradable questions and provides the ability for content authors to define rubrics based on the evaluation criteria for free response questions and offline tasks such as projects, that cannot be system graded.