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Marketing related projects

3 Articles

Create Intro and outro bumpers for our videos

We would like an updated and consistent intro and extro bumper that we can add to videos we produce, this would need to be simple and quick no more than 3 to 5 seconds.

Create Animated videos of existing presentations and videos

We have numerous presentations and videos made from those that use the basic animations already built into the presentation. We would like you to create more fully animated versions of these, using the same visual and voice over. You will be required to extract those visuals from the presentation, possibly make your own recreations of those, and then animate them.

Write up case studies for each of our partnerships

We have over 65 collaborators who are working with us. We would like you to create a high-level case study on what work they are doing with us, who they are, and how Gooru Navigator helps them with their work. This should then be converted into a blog post and shareable Instagram infographic.