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Content related projects

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Content creation for lower grades

Create interactive and engaging content to help learners fill gaps in early grade-level knowledge. For example, a 5th-grade learner in math might have foundational gaps in K-2 concepts. The project will include adding collections and machine graded checks for understanding for the learning journey as well as finding and developing additional content to be used as suggestions.

Participate in the content build of larger courses

These courses would need to have relevant resources and assessments and should be able to contribute to the development of various abilities in Learners. Either in terms of enhancing the employability of youth or in helping K-12 students develop social and emotional skills to handle challenges.

Build mini-courses and content

Design short courses with 5-10 lessons that have interactive and engaging resources. The experience should include short assessments to check for understanding. You can create your own content for the resources and/or find open educational resources to include. You can include small projects or tasks that include a self-assessment rubric.